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Impact & Foundation

At Green Universe Madagascar, our mission goes beyond carbon neutrality; we aim for positive impacts on nature and local communities. 

By empowering numerous households to achieve self-sufficiency and prioritizing biodiversity enrichment, our projects foster sustainable societal change.

Our Approach:  

Sustainable Livelihoods: Green Universe Madagascar is committed to achieving sustainable development goals by positively impacting local livelihoods. Our nature-based carbon removal projects not only significantly reduce emissions but also create job opportunities, enrich biodiversity, and promote socio-economic benefits for sustainable development.

Biodiversity Conservation:

 We collaborate closely with local communities and research centers, implementing comprehensive biodiversity management strategies. Through initiatives such as intercropping and sustainable food gardens, we promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable land management, integrating various ecological approaches.

Foundation Support:

Green Universe Madagascar has established a Foundation dedicated to supporting communities within or near our project boundaries. A percentage of our revenue goes towards initiatives that empower communities to become self-sustainable within a year. Through the Foundation, we provide access to clean water, solar energy, primary education, sustainable agriculture practices, and crop security for villagers.

By directly contributing to 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including sustainable agriculture practices, access to solar energy and clean water, primary education, and crop and village security, Green Universe Madagascar is making a tangible difference in the lives of local communities and the environment.

Join us in our journey to create lasting positive impacts on nature and communities. Together, we can build a sustainable future for Madagascar and beyond.

We are directly contributing to 8 SDGs: