The process of producing energy from renewable sources is free from greenhouse gas emissions in energy production processes, therefore they are the cleanest and most practicable solution to environmental degradation. Renewable energies are INEXHAUSTIBLE: the raw material used is free and inexhaustible, unlike traditional energy sources such as coal, gas, oil or nuclear energy, whose reserves are limited and very expensive; represent a GREAT COMPETITIVE GROWTH: the main renewable technologies have drastically reduced their costs making them even more competitive. According to a study done at the G20, renewable energies are cheaper or have the same cost as polluting sources, such as coal or risky, such as nuclear. In addition, by 2030 the use of clean energy will be a policy advantageous and convenient for all countries. “Every G20 country that still invests in nuclear and coal-fired power plants – said Austrup, political advisor on energy and transport at Greenpeace, – is wasting its money on a technology that will not be competitive in the coming years”.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, vice president and governor of Dubai, launched Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, with the intention of placing energy and a totally green economy at the global center. While inaugurating the second phase of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, he revealed plans for a new free zone called “Dubai Green Zone”.

“The strategy we are launching today will give shape to the energy sector in the next three decades.”

Sheikh Mohammed

The 50 billion solar park in Dubai’s national currency, which is called Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is considered the largest in the world for its ideology and typology and will produce 5,000 Megawatts by 2030.

“The strategy is to produce 75% of the emirate’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2050, reflecting our commitment to implementing a sustainable model of energy conservation that can be exported around the world and support economic growth without damaging the climate and natural resources

“Our goal is to become the city with the lowest environmental impact in the world by 2050”. Dubai is determined to tackle the challenge of climate change and seek to reduce CO2 emissions. The country is not moving just now, but has already moved for a long time with investments exceeding 39 billion dollars for the sector. The Green Universe aims to face this challenge alongside Dubai to complete the project over the years.